Another claim of paranormal activity was hearing disembodied voices seemingly coming from nowhere. While sitting in the main stairwell of the mansion, we found that it is possible to hear voices coming from outside of the building from the parking lot that is located approximately 30 yards away from the house. This could be an explanation for what people have claimed to experience.  

This video clip highlights our effort to debunk the claims of this bedroom door slamming on it's own. We found that by opening and closing certain doors throughout the upper level of the house, it created a draft that had the potential to pull this door shut on it's own. This is one potential explanation for the incident that was experienced by a former employee. 

One of the claims of paranormal activity included odd feelings and seeing strange things in this particular bedroom where an accidental death once occurred. This clip shows our discovery of high EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) coming from the floor under the bed. High EMF can cause things such as paranoia, hallucinations, nausea, skin irritation, and other strange feelings for those who are sensitive to it. this could be the explanation for the experiences occurring in this room. 

In 2015, we traveled to Menomonie, WI to investigate the historic Wilson Place Mansion. Claims of paranormal activity from the mansion included doors slamming on their own, phantom smells, disembodied voices, and people experiencing odd feelings in one of the upper floor bedrooms. Unfortunately, we were not able to document any of these odd experiences. The following video clips are potential explanations that we discovered for some of the experiences people have had at the location.   

Investigation / Research / Documentation

Wilson Place Mansion

Menomonie, WI 2015