In the summer of 2013, Justin and Brian made the trip to Louisville, Kentucky to conduct an investigation at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. This location is documented as being the most haunted place in the United States. There are many different claims of activity in this location including apparitions, shadow figures, strange lights, objects moving on their own, disembodied voices, and people being physically touched. The history of the location itself is filled with tragedy and death. Over 63,000 people died at this facility during the tuberculosis epidemic in the early  part of the 1900's. It has also been documented that a young woman working as a nurse at Waverly Hills in the late 1920's, hung herself outside of room 502 after finding out that she had become pregnant out of wedlock. Some of the other stories of apparitions include a young boy named Timmy who is usually seen running around on the third floor. There are also two distinct apparitions that are seen on the fourth floor . One is known as the "Creeper", which people have claimed to see crawling around the hallways from room to room on all fours. It is also said that the "Creeper" tends to approach people very quickly, and will chase those who chose to run away rather that stand their ground. The other apparition on the fourth floor is referred to as "Big Black", and appears as a large black mass that blocks out all light. It is said that this entity can become violent, and that people should leave the area immediately if he is seen. The other known apparition is of a homeless man and his dog. Apparently, this man and his dog were living in the building during a period of time where Waverly Hills sat vacant. Unfortunately, the homeless man and his dog were murdered by members of the occult who had begun to use the building to conduct satanic rituals. The apparition of the man and his dog appear on the second and third floor near the elevator shaft where their bodies were found.

During the investigation, Brian and Justin were able to spend a significant amount of time in an area known as "The Body Chute". The body chute is a 400+ foot concrete tunnel that leads from the building, down the hill to the highway that runs next to Waverly Hills. This tunnel was used as a way to transport goods up to the building during the tuberculosis epidemic, so the general public wouldn't be exposed to the infected patients. As the number of dying patient's increased, the tunnel was also used as a way to remove the bodies from the building without being seen by the rest of the patient population.  Brian and Justin spent their time in the body chute conducting EVP sessions, and recording with one of our IR cameras. The two had ventured to the bottom of the tunnel, which had been blocked off to the outside. After spending some time at the bottom of the tunnel, the two decided to make their way back to the top. At approximately the halfway point, they stopped to conduct a final EVP session. Upon looking back toward the bottom of the tunnel, Justin saw what appeared to be a glowing ball of light, bluish-purple in color, hovering next to the right side of the chute. They decided to turn off the IR camera to eliminate any additional light in the tunnel. As they continued to look toward the end of the tunnel, the ball of light seemed to start undulating and changing shape. Brian took out the Sony Cyber-Shot camera and started taking pictures in rapid succession toward the ball of light. The first few pictures he captured revealed nothing out of the ordinary. On the third or fourth picture in the series, the bluish-purple light is evident, along with what appears to be a human-like shadow in the middle of the tunnel. In the few pictures that follow, you can see what appears to be the shadow figure moving toward, and eventually past the two investigators in the tunnel. The final picture in the series again reveals nothing out of the ordinary. These photos can be reviewed at the bottom of the page.

At another point in the night, the two were investigating on the fifth floor in the area that held patients who were declared to be clinically insane. Brian was conducting an EVP session and heard a disembodied voice speak from behind him. He was unable to make out what was said, and we were unfortunately unable to catch the voice on our recording equipment.


Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Louisville, KY  2013


Investigation / Research / Documentation