In the summer of 2012, Justin was able to conduct an investigation of the Queen Mary Cruise Ship in Long Beach, California with another group of investigators. The Queen Mary has many claims of paranormal activity, including apparitions of former crew members, children, and other people in period clothing. There are also claims of footsteps, strange voices, shadow figures, and visitors being physically touched throughout the entire ship. The ship itself has quite an interesting history behind it. It's maiden voyage departed from the same shipyard in England as the RMS Titanic, and it was utilized as a luxury ocean liner in it's early days. Because of it's superior size and speed, it was commissioned as a passenger transport ship during World War II. It was used to transport soldiers and other civilians back and forth from England to the United States. Nicknamed the "Grey Ghost", it miraculously eluded capture by the German forces throughout the duration of the war. It was said that Adolph Hitler offered a substantial bounty to whichever one of his ships could sink the Queen Mary. After World War II, the Queen Mary was decommissioned, and return to life as a luxury cruise ship- catering to celebrities and the wealthier population.  

During the investigation, the group was in the boiler room of the ship. There are claims that people see shadow figures moving around on the catwalks next to the boilers. It is believed that the shadow figures could be the spirits of the old crew members that were assigned to maintain the boilers and other mechanical aspects of the ship. At one point while Justin was recording, he pans the camera to his right to film an area between to of the boilers. As the camera moves, you can see a lighted area in the top/middle of the screen with nothing there. After a few seconds, you can see what appears to be a shadow figured move into the lighted area. You can make out what appears to be the head and shoulders of what could be a person standing next to one of the boilers.

After moving through the boiler room, we made our way to the front hull of the ship. In October of 1942, during WWII, the Queen Mary accidentally collided with the HMS Curacoa, which was an escort ship in charge of protection. The Curacoa was a much smaller ship, and was nearly sliced in half by the larger Queen Mary. It is reported that nearly 300 crewmen on the Curacoa were killed in the collision. The front hull of the Queen Mary, where the impact of that occurrence took place, is said to be haunted by some of the crewmen who died in the water during the tragic accident. It is believed that some of the spirits may have found their way aboard the Queen Mary after perishing in the water next to the ship. While in that area, Justin managed to capture an odd light anomaly that appears and then suddenly disappears next to one of the boardwalks. You can review the footage at the bottom of the page.

Later in the night, the group had gathered in the upper class pool room. There are claims that people have seen apparition of a little girl, and the voices of children playing in the pool. People also have seen the apparition of a woman near the changing room next to the pool area. While investigating the pool area, one of the members of the group was attempting to use the flashlight method to make contact with a spirit in the room. His flashlight seemed to be acting funny, so he voiced to the room that he thought the batteries in the light were going dead. Immediately after he says this, you hear a loud drawn out whisper say, "Yeah"!



Queen Mary Cruise Ship

Long Beach, CA  2012