In August of 2013, Johnsdale Paranormal Group was invited to investigate at The Historic Mounds Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota. The theatre is reportedly haunted by at least four different entities that have the ability to interact with visitors that come to the location. One of the entities is known as "Red", and is believed to have been a former employee who used to work in the projection booth. Red has been seen moving around inside the projection booth and in the balcony area of the theatre. It is said that Red had a crush on a certain young lady that used to come to the theatre. One night while Red was working, he attempted to jump from the balcony down to the main floor in an attempt to impress the young woman. As a result of the drop, Red ended up breaking his leg. It is said that you can hear a man crying or whimpering while on the upper level of the theatre. A second former employee by the name of Jimmy Dolan is also said to make his presence known at times. Jimmy worked as one of the theatre's ushers, and is seen standing in period clothing throughout the location. The stage seems to be the location in the theatre where the apparition of a young girl named Mary can be seen most often. It is claimed that she has been seen wearing a pink dress, and has a general curiosity of the things going on at the theatre. The basement of the Mounds Theatre is believed to be haunted by a much more unpleasant entity. Whatever is down there is believed to be aggressive and hostile toward women. People have been known to be pushed, grabbed, and even scratched by the angry entity. Investigators have also captured EVPs of a male voice using profane and aggressive language. Many of the employees of the theatre do not feel comfortable being in the basement area.

During the night of our investigation, Justin and guest investigator Bobby Laughery started down in the basement. They were conducting an EVP session and doing sweeps with the K2 meter, as well as trying to get something to physically manipulate the GeoPhone. After about fifteen minutes, the two investigators started getting odd hits on the K2 meter. At one point, Justin was able to trace the K2 hits to a concentrated area next to the doorway to the back room of the basement. After a few minutes of being able to pick up the isolated EMF, the K2 meter went flat, and they were not able to get any other readings throughout the room. Around the same time that they were getting the odd K2 meter readings, the GeoPhone that was sitting on one of the chairs in the back room alarmed. The GeoPhone is a device that has to sense vibration, or be physically touched in order to alarm, and there neither investigator was moving or had touched it during that time.

At the beginning of the night, we had decided to place a camera on the stage, with the hopes of possibly catching the apparition of Mary. At one point during the night, the camera was recording in total darkness and ended up catching some odd lights that appeared on the left side of the stage. The lights appeared and vanished very quickly, and we aren't sure what caused the anomaly. We also caught a second odd occurrence on that same camera a little later in the night. The stage and audience area had been empty, as all of our group members were in a different are of the building. At one point, two of our investigators entered the audience area and approached one of the tables sitting in the center of the room. As they reached the table, it seems that something made the camera shift back and forth by itself. Nobody was on the stage during this time. The video clip can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

We had also decided to set up our trail camera focused on the women's restroom next to the concession area of the theatre. There had been claims that items sitting on the counter in the restroom had moved on their own, as well as shadow figures moving around in that area. At one point during the investigation, Justin decided to go into the restroom to set up a device on the counter. His movement triggered the trail camera to start recording a series of ten second clips. During one of the clips, you can hear a male voice say the phrase, "What's going on in here? You're overwhelming me". Justin was the only investigator in this area at the time, and you can definitely see in the video that he has a flashlight in his mouth while the voice was caught on the camera. All evidence can be viewed at the bottom of the page. 



The Mounds Theatre

St. Paul, MN  2013