In early 2010, we were contacted by a friend of ours who claimed that she was seeing strange apparitions in her home. Her and her husband had recently purchased his grandparent's old farmhouse, and had been living there for a little over a year. Her husband had been renovating the upper floor of the home in order to get ready for the upcoming birth of their first child. She explained to us that she had been sitting in the living room watching TV one night while her husband was upstairs working in one of the bedrooms. She claimed that she heard someone come down the stairs, and then saw someone pass in front of the doorway to the living room and walk out into the kitchen. She said that she assumed that it was her husband that came down the stairs in order to get an additional tool that he needed. However, a few minutes later she heard her husband still upstairs in the bedroom. She knew that there had been nobody else in the house with them that night, which leaves question to what or who she actually saw in the house that night.

She told us about another odd occurrence that happened around the same time as the first. She had been out at the store getting groceries while her husband was at work for the day. After completing her shopping, she returned to their house and started to take the groceries inside.  As she was taking some of the bags out of the trunk of her car, she glanced up at the house and saw what appeared to be an older woman looking out one of the upstairs windows at her. She it happened very quickly and was only there for a second, but it was very clear. She knew that there was nobody in the house at that time, which unnerved her a bit, and was ultimately the reason she contacted us.

Our investigation began in the living room. We were hoping to try and figure out exactly how she could have seen what looked like a person walk from the bottom of the stairs and out into the kitchen from where she had been sitting. After a while, we decided to sit in the living room with the lights out and conduct an EVP session. During this time, Adam was sitting on one of the couches with a Sony Handicam  on his lap recording the room.  Justin was sitting in a chair next to the doorway of the living room, and at one point during the EVP session, felt that something was hovering above him for a split second. Shortly after this, Adam claimed that he thought he saw something pass in front of the TV and block out some of the lights from the electronics sitting on the entertainment center. Justin decided to get up and start taking pictures with a digital camera in an attempt to capture the anomaly in the room. Nothing showed up on the photos that Justin took, however, when Adam went back and reviewed the footage from his Handicam, he noticed that the room lit up bright every time Justin's camera went off. He decided to freeze the video footage every time the room lit up, and on a few of the frames he noticed something very interesting. One of the frames looks to have some sort of shadow or mist passing in front of the TV in the center of the room. On the last frame, there appears to be something sitting in front of the fire place on the left side of the photo. It looks to be the partial apparition of a female figure possibly sitting in a chair. We found out later from our friend that her husband's grandmother had actually passed away in that very room. You can view these photos at the bottom of the page.

We also had an interesting encounter in the upstairs bedroom that was being renovated by our friend's husband. We were in the room conducting another EVP session, and trying to get something to interact with our K2 meter. At one point, we had placed the K2 meter in the window of the bedroom where our friend had thought she saw on older woman looking out at her. We noticed that the room felt significantly colder that it was when we had entered. Justin started asking questions as if he were trying to get responses from the husband's grandparents, in an attempt to see if they were still in the house. We were getting no responses on the K2 meter until he asked whoever was there if they disliked the renovations being done in the house. After he asked that question, there was a significant response on the k2 meter. You can view the video of this at the bottom of the page.      



The Kramer House

Private Residence near Johnsdale  2010