In late 2009, we were contacted by a friend of ours who claimed that she had some odd things happening at her house. Her and her husband had recently moved into her grandparents house, not long after her grandfather had passed away. Her grandfather had a large building on the property that he used as his shop for working on cars, tractors, and many other small projects. Had had owned many tools and loved spending time working in the shop and around the property.

Our friend had explained that odd things began happening around the time that her husband had started doing some remodeling inside the house. One of the claims was that the garage door on the shop seemed to have a mind of its own. She mentioned that she had returned home from the grocery store one day and noticed that the garage door on the shop was open, so she closed it before walking into the house. She stated that immediately after entering the house, she took off her shoes and glanced out the window toward the shop, only to see that the garage door was open again. She was the only one at home during that time, and had not heard the door open itself again. Apparently this type of thing had happened on a few different occasions.

The other claim she told us about also revolved around her grandfather's old shop. Her husband had been working on a remodeling project in the house and was finishing up for the day, so he decided to put his tools out in the shop where he had been keeping them. A few hours later, he went back out to the shop to grab a specific tool and realized that his tools had been moved. As he was leaving the shop, he noticed that one of his tools had been hung on the back of the overhead garage door! He was the only person at home during this time period.

We conducted a few different investigations at this location from late 2009, into 2010. We spent one night investigating the house itself, which did not yield any results. Our next two investigations focused solely on her grandfather's old shop. During both investigations, we witnessed what seemed to be an odd shadow moving around in various areas of the shop. We were also able to get direct responses to "yes" or "no" questions using the flashlight method while attempting to communicate with the grandfather. However, we were confused by the lack of a "yes" response when we provided the name of the grandmother and asked if she was his wife. We mentioned this incident to our friend the day after the investigation, and she informed us that the name we provided was actually her grandmother's nickname. Her grandmother's real name was something totally different!

At one point we set up a video camera and started recording the flashlight turning on and off in response to our questions. After about ten minutes, we looked at the video camera and noticed that it had shut off completely. We tried to turn it back on, but the battery (which had previously had a full charge) was completely dead. About twenty minutes after this happened, we decided to pack up our equipment and head back into town. Upon arriving back in town, we took out the video camera again and noticed that the battery had retuned to full power. We decided to check the recording from the shop and found that only the last ten seconds of our session had been recorded.

Below is a series of still shot photos that were taken in the shop during one of our flashlight sessions. We noticed at one point that the flashlight seemed to be rolling back and forth slightly on its own. We started taking pictures of the flashlight in rapid succession, to see if we could get anything to show up in a photo. In the second picture of the series, you can see what appears to be an odd shadow that was not present in the first shot. This could be the shadow that we had witnessed moving around in the shop. There also seems to be an odd anomaly that appeared right next to the flashlight.  


The Athman House

Private Residence near Johnsdale  2009