These EVPs are better heard with the use of headphones!

This is the thermal footage of the possible apparition we caught in the north stairwell of the Riverview Building at St. Cloud State University. Adam and Justin had just seen what they thought was a dark shadow moving above them. Justin was standing a few steps below the landing to the main level, while Adam was standing on the first few steps above the landing to the main level. As Justin turns the thermal camera toward the window, you see what looks like the reflection of a human shape. The shape then suddenly moves and disappears. Justin does not move during this time, so the reflection is definitely not his. It also does not seem that Adam moves at this time either. After referencing some other photos taken in the stairwell that night, it appears that this human shape is standing on the landing to the main level- basically behind Justin and slightly to his right. This footage seems odd to us, but at this point we have to label it as inconclusive evidence. Without going back and recreating the situation, it is impossible to determine with 100% certainty that the reflection is not Adam's, even though he doesn't seem to move during this time.

Inconclusive Evidence

Initial Summary:

In September of 2014, after reaching out to Building Coordinator- Jeff Ringer, we were fortunate enough to be invited back to my (Justin) alma mater to investigate the Riverview Building on the campus of St. Cloud State University. Built in 1911, the Riverview Building was used as a school to train teacher candidates in a hands-on classroom environment. It operated as a teachers college up until 1958. It is also the only building on campus to have been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. I can recall hearing many stories about the supposed paranormal activity occurring in the Riverview Building during my time spent there in my undergraduate program in the early 2000's. I also recall having a rather odd incident happen during one of the classes I was taking in the building. During one of my ESL classes, which met in one of the rooms on the upper floor at the north end of the building, the door to the classroom suddenly slammed shut. Our professor stopped her lecture and looked over at the door, assuming that somebody had slammed it from out in the hallway. The only issue with that assumption was that the classroom door actually shut from the inside! Therefore, someone or something had to have slammed the door from inside the classroom, which we obviously would have seen. I remember a few classmates being somewhat startled, but nobody made too much of an issue about it and class continued as normal. Years later, after researching more extensively into the claims of the Riverview Building, it is commonly stated that the ghost of a woman in a black dress can be seen roaming the hallways from time to time. It is said that she will open and close doors, and you can often hear the sound of high healed shoes walking the halls when nobody else is in the building. There are also claims that people have seen what appears to be a woman in black standing in one of the windows on the north end of the building. Another less common claim is that people have seen and heard the ghost of a young boy bouncing a ball down the hallways.

It is important to note that the Riverview Building underwent a major award winning restoration in 2009. $6.2 million dollars was spent to return the building to it's original beauty of the early 1900's. There is a theory that renovations, or new construction within a location can cause paranormal activity to increase. We were excited to have the opportunity to spend some time in the building trying to investigate these claims and come up with logical answers for them.

Equipment Setup:

Investigation Start Time:          Approx. 9:30pm

Investigation End Time:             Approx. 1:30am

People Present:                            Justin Miner (JPG), Adam Swanson (JPG), William Hill (JPG)

Weather Conditions:                  Clear skies, 55 Degrees

The building itself lends to a fairly easy camera set up. We began by putting a stationary IR camera at the end of the hallway on each floor. This allowed us to monitor any movement between classrooms, and any possible footsteps or other EVPs on each floor of the building. We then used another IR camera and the FLIR thermal camera as we moved between each location within the building. We started our investigation on the upper floor in the classroom where I experienced the door slamming shut during one of my college classes. We spent time conducting EMF sweeps and doing an EVP session. We experienced nothing out of the ordinary in this area.  We then spent some time moving between other classrooms on the upper floor of the building, but also had no experiences while in these areas.

We then decided to head down to the main level and investigate in the historic classroom at the north end of the building. As William was doing an initial walk through with the IR camera, we ended up hearing a really odd noise from within the room. We could not make out what it was at the time, and after listening to the audio it is still hard to make out exactly what it is. Our best guess is that it might be a moan or a spoken word that simply can not be made out. You can hear what we are referring to at the three second mark of the clip labeled, "Strange Noise".  We spent a good deal of time conducting an EVP session in the historic classroom, but were not able to have any other experiences in that area.  

We then decided to split up and sit in various locations of the building by ourselves, in hopes of having a personal experience. William decided to go back to the top floor and sit in one of the classrooms at the south end of the building. Adam decided to hang out on the main staircase in the center of the building, and I decided to sit against the wall at the north end of the hallway on the main floor- right outside of the historic classroom. After about twenty minutes, I heard and felt a tapping on the wall directly behind me. It seemed to me that it was coming from out in the stairwell, which was right on the other side of the wall that I was sitting against. I saw Adam coming down the main staircase, so him and I decided to check out the north stairwell. After a few minutes in the stairwell, Adam claimed to see what looked like a shadow move from a few flights above us. We decided to try and chase whatever it was to the top of the stairwell, but there was nothing up there. After about ten minutes, we decided to go all the way back to the bottom of the stairwell. As we were making our way down, the thermal camera ended up picking up a whispered voice. Right after I finish talking at the six second mark on the clip labeled, "Stairwell EVP", you can hear the whispered voice. We aren't exactly sure what is being said, but my best guess would be a drawn out..."I'm dead". As we reached the bottom of the stairwell, we started picking up some odd hits on the K2 meter. Adam picked up some hits at the bottom of the stairwell, and then it stopped. A few seconds later, I picked up some hits at the top of the first flight of stairs. I then moved halfway back up the next flight of stairs and was able to pick up hits on the meter again. We moved all the way back up to the second flight of stairs, seemingly chasing this odd source of EMF (electromagnetic field) as we went. As Adam started to climb the flight of stairs from the main floor up to the top floor, he claimed to see what looked like a dark  shadow/mist shoot through the closed door going out to the hallway of the main floor. Unfortunately we were not able to catch this occurrence on film. As we were standing on the landing next to the door going out to the hallway, we both noticed what looked like a shadow moving on the landing above us. At this point, I was standing a few steps below the landing of the main floor and Adam was standing on the first two steps of the next flight going up. As I turned toward the windows after seeing what we thought was a shadow above us, I ended up catching an interesting heat signature on the thermal camera. It looks like the  image of one of us being reflected in the window. However, the image seems to move and disappear as I am standing there filming. At this point in time, we are labeling this video clip as inconclusive evidence. It seems odd, but without going back and trying to recreate the situation, it is hard to be 100% confident in labeling it as paranormal. Please read the additional explanation of this video clip at the bottom of the page.

After spending another twenty to thirty minutes in the stairwell, Adam and I decided to leave the area and go find William. We ended up spending some time on the upper level with William before heading back into the stairwell on the north end of the building.  We decided to start back at the bottom of the stairwell again to see if we could have the same type of experiences we had previously. After a few minutes, I decided to go outside and film the exterior of the north side of the building, in hopes of capturing a figure standing in one of the windows. As I was in the process of turning on the thermal camera, I looked up at the building and saw through the window what looked like a shadow moving at the very top of the stairwell. We decided to send William up to the top of the stairwell with an IR camera in hopes of catching this shadow movement. I came back into the stairwell and moved to the landing of the main level, while Adam stayed at the landing leading to the basement level. After about ten minutes, it sounded like the door leading to the outside all of a sudden latched itself loudly. None of us were close enough to the door to have touched it, and nobody was trying to enter from the outside. Adam and I tried to debunk the noise, thinking that the door might not have fully latched from when I came back in from filming outside. However, we found out that it was extremely difficult to get the door to rest closed without immediately latching. Its normal movement allowed it to swing shut and latch itself without trouble whenever someone walked through it. Unfortunately, we were unable to get clear audio/video of this incident as the only camera running at the time was William's IR camera at the top of the stairwell. We spent approximately thirty more minutes in the stairwell and had no other odd experiences.  At that point we decided to wrap up the investigation for the night.


Unfortunately, we were not able to experience the most common claims of hearing high healed footsteps or seeing the apparition of a woman in black. We did, however, have some interesting personal experiences that seemed to center around the north end of the building- specifically the stairwell. On multiple occasions, it really seemed like there was a dark shadow moving on its own while we were in the stairwell. Personally, the shadows I saw were always very quick glimpses and fast moving. There were no cars going by at the times that we saw these shadows, so it is difficult to explain what caused them. It is also difficult to say that they looked like human shaped shadows, because I never got a good or long enough look at them, and we were unable to conclusively capture those experiences on film. We did get some interesting K2 meter activity and a possible EVP from the area. We also had the experience with the door to the outside seemingly latching itself that we were unable to debunk. At this point, it is hard to say that the Riverview Building is haunted without going back to try and recreate some of the things that we experienced. It is definitely an amazing location that has a lot of history behind it, and we would love to be able to make it back at some point to continue the investigation!       


Riverview Building- St. Cloud State University

St. Cloud, MN 2014