Evidence Review
After we wrap up the investigation at a given location, we spend the next few weeks going over every piece of audio, video, and still photos that we have from the night. Anything we find that could be labeled as paranormal, is reviewed thoroughly by every member of the group in an effort to verify its legitimacy. If we all feel that it is something paranormal, we keep it as evidence. 

Our Investigation Methods

Reveal Findings
After our evidence review is complete, we contact the property owner to reveal our findings to them. We are willing to reveal our findings via online, or in person- whichever is more convenient and desirable for the property owner. Upon gaining approval from the property owner, we then share our findings with the public.

Tour/Walk Through of Location
After the interview with the property owner, we ask that they give us a tour of the location- pointing out specific areas where paranormal activity has occurred. This allows us to survey the location, and come up with some initial ideas for what areas of the location we would like to cover with our IR cameras.
Equipment Set-Up
Following the walk-through, we work as a team to set up our equipment to cover the areas with the most claims of paranormal activity.

Historical Research
Our first task is to conduct some initial background research on any location we go to investigate. This research will hopefully help guide our actual investigation of the location.
Meet/Interview the Property Owner 
We follow up our initial research with an interview of the property owner. This allows us to get more specific information on the history of the location, as well as the claims of paranormal activity.

Two-Person Team Approach
In most circumstances, we utilize a two-person team investigation approach at any location we go to. This increases investigator safety, and helps to legitimize any paranormal experiences that our investigators witness at a location. Often times we will invite the property owner to join us during our investigation, especially if the activity seems to revolve around them. In such instances, we still prefer to have two of our investigators with them.  

Planning/Investigation Methods
After we have our equipment set up and running in the desired locations, we have a quick group meeting to discuss various strategies that we intend to use. One such strategy may include the use of trigger objects in an attempt to elicit a response from a certain spirit that is believed to still be at the location.