Thermal Imaging Camera


The FLIR E53 Thermal Imaging Camera is a high end thermal imaging tool commonly used by fire departments and search & rescue teams. This camera can sense over 43,000 points of temperature measurement and produces professional picture resolution. Thermal imaging is extremely useful in the paranormal field. It is believed that entities can produce free floating cold spots and heat signatures that are unable to be seen with the naked eye. This equipment gives us the ability to document those occurrence's in order to help determine whether they are natural or paranormal.     

"Ghost Box"- Hacked Radio


The "Ghost Box" or "Spirit Box"is a standard digital AM/FM pocket radio that has been modified in certain ways. Factory settings on these radios allow them to lock onto a station when a clear frequency is found. It also has a factory "mute" setting that keeps the radio quiet while it is scanning frequencies. The modifications bypass the factory lock and mute features, allowing the radio to freely and rapidly scan frequencies and produce static, or "white noise". There is a theory that spirits are able to use open radio frequencies in order to communicate.  

Multi-Meter/Temp. Probe

UEi Phoenix 2

The Multi-Meter gives us the ability to test electrical components in a given location to diagnose possible issues that could be labeled as paranormal. The meter also has an ambient air temperature probe, which allows us to monitor any changes in air temperature. It is said that spirits have the ability to utilize heat/energy in the air in order to manifest themselves. As a result, a cold spot or drastic change in air temperature will occur.

Vibration/Touch Sensors

GeoPhone App- iPhone5

The GeoPhone App for the iPhone5 gives us the ability to try and communicate with a  spirit by physical manipulation of an object. When the GeoPhone senses vibration, or is physically touched, it will produce an audible and visual alarm.

Digital Cameras

Nikon D90/Sony Cyber-Shot

Digital Cameras provide us with the ability to take still photos in any area of a location. Occasionally, strange anomalies will appear in still photos that were not able to be seen with the naked eye.

IR Trail Cameras

Stealth-Cam Core BONZ-IR

IR Trail Cameras allow us to effectively cover certain areas that have claims of thing moving on their own. These cameras are motion activated, and can record in daylight or total darkness. When activated, they will record 10-second clips of video and audio until motion is no longer detected.

EMF Detectors                                     K2 Meters/AFM Equipment

EMF Detectors allow us to be able to trace electromagnetic fields within a location. Electromagnetic fields occur naturally in any given location due to things such as household appliances and electrical wiring. However, it is suggested that spirits are able to manipulate these fields in order to communicate.

Sony Digital Audio Recorders    ICD-AX412

Sony Digital Audio Recorders give us the ability to record audio clips in any location. They are equipped with highly sensitive microphones that are able to pick up Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) that we do not hear at the time.

Phantom Lite Cameras                1080p IR & Full Spectrum

Phantom Lite IR and Full Spectrum cameras allow us the ability to record video and audio in total darkness- as if it were day time. They are battery powered, which allows for quick and easy set up. Also, the high definition recording resolution provides for higher quality video evidence.

Swann 4-Channel DVR

H.264 IR Security System

The Swann 4-Channel DVR security system was a good piece of starter equipment for us. It provides excellent ability to monitor multiple areas during an investigation from a central location.