Mission Statement

Our goal is not simply to "Find Ghosts". We are interested in investigating paranormal activity and trying to come up with logical explanations for it. Our method is to use audio, video, and other types of technology and methodology in order to document proof of the activity. Through detailed analysis and deductive reasoning, we will attempt to determine the cause of anything claimed to be paranormal. If we end up with evidence that can not be logically explained; we hope that it will help lead to a better understanding of the realm of spirit activity.

We are focused on documenting genuine proof of the paranormal.
We are not claiming that all of the evidence we share with the public is caused by ghost or spirit activity. We are simply sharing things that we experience which we are not able to fully explain.

In recent years, we have focused our attention on working closely with a number of county historical societies and other historically significant public venues. Our goal is to develop partnerships with these entities in an effort to conduct objective- real world investigations, give presentations of our findings to the public, and to provide various other types of paranormal related programs at these locations. 

We are also amateur film makers. We enjoy telling the unique history of the locations we investigate via documentary style videos. If you know of a location that is experiencing paranormal activity and would like some help or documented proof of the activity, please contact us! 

**Unfortunately, we are no longer taking private residence cases. We are available to provide consultation and potential contacts for other groups that may be able to provide assistance for your private residence needs.